Questions of the week...

...or month in this case. lol

1) If you had to move to a state besides the one you currently live in, where would you move?
2) What's the worst thing about being your gender?
3) What time did you sleep last night?
4) What was the last thing you purchased?
5) Favorite number?

Willy Bob says...
1) Love coastal areas so definitely Hawaii.
2) Having monthly mud slides...aka periods and everything that comes with it (ex. mood swings, cramps, bloating, etc.)
3) Around 4am since I was chatting it up with Motha Russia.
4) Chicken sandwich and curly fries at Jack in the Box.
5) 8! The day I was born and it represents infinity and balance. It just so happens that Kobe's first Lakers jersey number was 8. *sigh we're meant to be =p

And now for your entertainment...


J.Frosty said...


1. alaska, cause they'd pay me to live there and i can be on the deadliest catch!

2. nothing, men are superior ;P

3. midnight after i got raped in SC2

4. 20pcs McNuggets for motha russia

5. 8910

Mac OBryan said...

1) Initially I thought Alaska too, where I can hunt and fish my own food. but then it might get lonely. I wouldn't mind living in the northeast suburbs, where there are really four seasons.

2) having too pay for dates, and most of the things in a relationship. not that it bothers me, its good being a guy and thats the only thing i can think of

3) 12:30

4) McDonalds, nonfood: running shoes

5) 28 because its my birthday

Mac OBryan said...

man is that thing from exorcist?

Anonymous said...

1) Hawaii! I luv Kona coffee and tropical Asian chicks. Not to mention the BBQ and maximizing my use of a speedo! (:
2) Itchy scrotum!
3) 5am. Insomnia sucks!
4) 2-pack HDMI cables for $2.95!
5) 47!

Motha Russia said...

1) I too love my CA weather with beaches, so Hawaii.

2) In addition to monthly mud slides, having to pop a kid out too! Double standards between genders in regards to parenting also sucks.

3) 5:15am from chatting with WillyBob and then just reading blogs

4) diploma frame, fairy wings, twix, 2000 piece puzzle (so excited to start!), eyelash curler

5) 2 because it's the day I was born, 8 because it's the year I was born & cuz it's neverending and cool looking unlike an O or a 0. Because those #s were always popular, had to combine to get 28. sorry Mac, we can share? lol

v-man said...

1) Nebraska cuz of the seasons. #2 Hawaii cuz Hawaiian girls r awesome.
2) Let me think about that one...nothing has come up.
3) 1:00
4) Jeans and belts for my paltry college closet
5) 21

CP said...

1) Ive been to Hawaii. One second it's sunny the next it's raining.. pass! I would like to live in *spins globe* Arizona because they love guns!

2) How much it hurts to be kicked in the balls

3) 10:30

4)blackhawk holster

5) 20, my birth day

Mac OBryan said...

LoL me in Vermont, Chris in Arizona, and Jon in Alaska. The Holy Trinity of universal concealed carry.