My Proposal to Women this Halloween

You go around dressing scandalous, and I won't call you a slut and call your dad. I'll go around with my airsoft guns as the Call of Duty Black Ops guy and you won't call me crazy and call the cops.


And Bao, you can go hang out with me on Halloween and dress up as the Other guy from Black Ops.


J.Frosty said...

lmao, that just looks like you're about to /wrist

all you need is some nectar of the gods in one hand instead of a pistol.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of this,

Ban sung mau! Im!

Mac OBryan said...

lol wtf those guys arent even viet. they're cambodian or chinese and trying to say vietnamese. man even andy could speak better than that!

i heard this movie was an epic war movie, i need to see it sometime

Willy Bob said...

haha! deal! =p

Anh Di said...

I can speak better viet than chinese people? I'll take it.