Question Time, Oh Yeah


first: uncode
second: answer

1. Waht do you tnhik aobut citaapl penshimnut?
9. Eevr had a tahi msasgee?
2. Is rveegne smeotmies jsutieifd?
4. Wluod you gvie yuor lfie to svae snoemoe esle's?

6. Wcihh are yuor foravite amainl(s)? why?
7. If the wolhe wrlod wree lninstieg, waht wloud you say?
5. If anoednabd anole in the wesndliers wolud you srvuvie?
10. Popcorn chicken
3. Msot htaed lteter in the aphalebt?
8. Waht wluod mkae the Bible eesiar to raed?

1. No, it's too easy for the person who usually does something incredibly horrible.
2. No, it's ALWAYS justified ;)
3. K, stupid silent bastard.
4. Yes, i want to believe i could
5. Heck yes i could! lol at least i want to believe i could
6. Polar bears: They can't live without cold weather,
Penguins: they're always suited up
8. Pictures and pop outs. and maybe less pages?
9. No
10. Amen

I want more popcorn chicken, oh yeah.
I can stop whenever I want, but why stop when it's so good!
oh yeah
oh yeah


Anonymous said...

1. I agree with J.Frosty. I say make exceptions in the terms of cruel and unusual punishment. There truly are evil people on this planet and the only humanity left in them is physical pain. ):
2. For a brief period. Then you become Batman. "Where is he?!"
3. E. It's such a whore. Always being used like that! >.<
4. Yes. I've made peace with that. Just waiting for the opportune moment.
5. Yes. Because I'm not a picky eater. Bear bites me, I'll bite it back!
6. Platypus. F'n awesome to the max!
7. Is it T-Shirt time! Ohhhh yeah!
8. Having Ron Artest read it to me.
9. Nah. I've had Thai tea though. Like a massage on my palates? eH?
10. Taiwanese style!

v-man said...

1. We should not have capital punishment. True that there are some twisted people out there that seem to have no semblance of humanity or reconciliation, but who are we to judge that and end their life? What if we're wrong?
2. Revenge hurts yourself more than the target of revenge.
3. Z, it is so prejudiced as shown in the daily alphabeticalization of works cited and elementary school kids.
4.Yes, but honestly it would depend on who i save. If a situation happens in front of me though, i dont know what i would do.
5. i cant decode this one
6. Dragon. nough said
7. I would say: Why in the world r u listening to me? Listen to each other... (ughh, so cliche)
8. Modern english. pictures. modern examples
9. Nope unfortunately
10. I miss u ever since j.frosty, the russian, and ton-tonster introduced me to your goddess like presence.

11. this took 4ever btw. Nice break and distraction.

Mac OBryan said...

1) usually not. i hope everyone's soul can be saved no matter how evil. but if they killed my friend, things change. i may want to unload a magazine on them. i don't know till unless it really happens.

2) revenge is understandable. i dont support it, but i don't condemn it. all i know is that anyone who follows revenge usually has nothing to live for after the revenge is completed.

3) Q. the motherfucker can't stand on its own without support from U. And it's totally unneccessary with the letters "KW"

4) are you kidding? my dream is to go out in a blaze glory to protect my loved ones. especially if its against pirates.

5) with nothing but my bare hands, I'd die. I require a sleeping bag, tent, a rifle, ammo, fire starter, and a good cooking knife.

6) dog, man's best friend. and apparently tasty from what Bao has said.

7) Be the change you want to see in the world.

8) Give me a CD with audio from Keifer Sutherland/Jack Bauer. I guarantee you the Bible will be the most epic thing ever:

"The following takes place between 32 AD and 33 AD... WHOOSH...

Previously on the Gospel of John:

'Where is Jesus?! Where is he?! Damn it I don't have any time for this! *whips Judas* AHHHH!' ....

'Mr. Pontious Pilate sir, we need a decision from you, will you authorize the full torture from this man Judas to extract information? We must find this man Jesus before he brings hope to the masses, thus causing a certain uprising'
'Never, this is unbecoming of my government, and it is the policy of the Roman Empire not to negotiate with terrorists, have you tried bribing him instead? like with 30 coins of silver?'
'hmm that may work'....

'Jesus do love me?' 'yes Mary Magdalene, I love you.' 'then make love to me' 'yes I will make love to wait, WHAT?!'


9)yes, and it only cost me five dollars in Vietnam.

10) the boba places make it better than KFC.

J.Frosty said...

lol yeah i meant either tap-x, quickly, or something like guppies. delicious