The Hurt Locker

Wasn't as good as End of Watch!

Wow! What a great movie. 10/10 (for reals). There is a lot of comedy and drama with little segments of face paced action. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but let's just say that only AKs can kill cops... Go watch it if you haven't.

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Jaxon Bieber said...

This is a 123movies online about a bomb technician, Sergeant William James , whose talent for defusing every kind of bomb in the Middle East reaches epic proportions. He is hailed by his superiors as extraordinary- but the men who work with him can't decide if he is a terrifyingly dangerous adrenaline junky or merely the bravest man they ever met. The film does a good job of letting us decide which. This zmovie gives us a great insight into the new battlefield- urban warfare and what it means for our fighting men and women. It also shows the tension of fighting a war for people who don't see us as their saviors. Indeed, they seem to think of us as interlopers. Again, the film does a good job of showing the psychological effect of this on our soldiers. The set, the gear and the wardrobe of the soldiers and 'extras' is completely and utterly genuine (although I'm not sure that Humvees have plywood on the inside! lol). The biggest problem I have with this film is that I never really connect with the main character. I watch him throughout the film and he is flat, unknowable and unemotional. Even in the end, his choice concerning his family (vs. the conclusion reached by his squadmate, Sergeant Sanborn) was disappointing and almost unbelievable. I couldn't see the point of the film- or the message. It neither showed the glory of war nor the ugliness of it. It didn't show man's degradation under war, nor his ability to find redemption or higher purpose within war's degradation. Due to this lack of core message and any ability to reach me emotionally, I can only give an otherwise well made movie a three star rating.