The Voice (in Vietnam)

I stumbled upon the "Viet Voice" which copies the American show. I think it's entertaining because there's a good percentage of people who sing English songs. I haven't watched this entire episode yet (2 hours) but I will eventually. Check out the girl singing Whitney Houston at 2:30. CRAZY, sounds so American.

Anyway, beyond just musically entertaining, this show gives me hope for Vietnam. Look at the judges, you have a cool guy, a gay guy, a prima donna, and a party girl. There's so much variety that it encourages teenagers to be who they want to be, and not to be afraid to use their "voice" for music and life. Maybe when the current teens become 30-40 years old, Vietnamese society will change to allow more freedoms. It's still not likely, because the Communist party is also a criminal organization, at the lower levels the supporters are brainwashed. But the leaders know what they are doing is unethical, they just want the moneys. There is always hope however. Although no one ever thought the Soviet Union was going to fall from within, that's exactly what happened. I'm rooting for you Vietnam.

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Bryan said...

lmao at the video thumbnail, the judge is hitting the buzzer but it looks like he's gonna karate chop the mother. I guess that's why Bao is always looking so martial artsy when playing sports.